Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess What I've Got?

Yup. Size 13 double pointed needles. I can't help myself. I know I SAID I wouldn't start anything new until my other projects were done, but I have the attention span of a mosquito and this is going to go SO fast. It'll be half done tomorrow. You'll see. (Needles...meet yarn. Just hang on; you'll be intimately acquainted shortly.)
This is the Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket by Genia Planck. The yarn is a super bulky/roving by Bashful Bags & Fibers. I met her today, btw. Marched right into Black Sheep http://www.blacksheepknitting.com/bsk/ and said, "Are you Bashful Bags & Fibers? I bought some of your yarn over the weekend and then googled you." But now I'm in big trouble. This yarn is sick, their selection is vast, and she is bringing in a new shipment on Thursday. My mother and I are headed to Tahoe on Monday to visit my sister. (Hi Mom - thanks for reading.) She'll be coming down on Sunday to stay over, and will get to see the stash in all its glory now that I've moved it to its own room. Probably best to not bring anymore yarn in the house between now and then.
Speaking of yarn, Angela at http://www.knitluck.com/ just told me that if I have time while I'm in Tahoe, I should head over to Jimmy Bean's wool in Reno. Well, lucky for me, I'm flying in to Reno. Looks like I'll be dragging P&H to Jimmy Bean's.
So D is on her way over to watch the game and knit. Lets see if I can get half of this thing done tonight... Bye for now!

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